Terms & Conditions


eTrot provides recharges of Dellmont (former Betamax),fring,Skype,Nymgo,Talkfree,Talkfree Direct VoIP accounts, made by credit transfer from our reseller account to customer's end user accounts. Any account from the brands stated as eligible at the home page can be recharged. Each VoIP account is identified by the unique username. Rechargeable accounts have euro/dollar based balance.

When purchasing credit, customer's account will be recharged with the requested and paid credit within a few hours after the payment operation is completed (cleared) as indicated by the customer.

Our responsability is limited to recharge the customer's account accordingly with the paid amount and the username specified by the customer in the  payment message or in the payment form. When the username is missing or is invalid, the customer will be asked via email (used to login) to clarify it. In case of no reply within 24 hours the payment will be refunded.

The use of the VoIP services are regulated by the Terms of use stated at the web site of each brand. Customers can access these sites from Products details.

Any claim regarding the use of VoIP services should be addressed to the service provider's customer services. A link to contact the customer services of each brand can be found selecting Contact from the Product details.

We also sell Game Cards,Gift Cards,Voip vouchers,LR, WMZ,Paypal and Payza (Buy-Sell and exchange).