Refund Policy



Please select the brand most proper to you using the rates checking the brands' features. Also take care typing the username or email when you are adding to cart. Once a credit transfer or Voucher delivered to an end user account or email is cannot be reversed.

Wrong credit transfer or voucher delivered caused by mistyping the username or email by the customer invokes his responsibility, and any claim to refund the payment will be refused. When a wrong credit transfer or voucher delivery is caused through our fault we will recharge again the proper account or we will refund the payment.

All refunds are made totally. From amounts refunded through fault of customer we have right to deduct the payment processor's refund fee (in case if it applies).

Claims of any refunds regarding the use of the VoIP services should be addressed to the service provider's customer services. As reseller we are not able to refund any payment for this reason